2.5 Working with Bill of Materials Generator

Bill of Materials generator is designed to interpret the geometry of the designed interior model and, according to the materials assigned by BOMIZER, to automatically generate various project reports necessary to sell the model and start the manufacturing process. Currently, BOMIZER Bill of Materials generator can generate the following types of reports:

  • List of components of the project.
  • List of parts.
  • List of parts with edge banding legend.
  • Summary Bill of Materials.

List of components of the project encompasses all items in the hierarchical form: project -> item -> assembly components -> parts. This method of presentation is similar to the display of the structure of project provided using SketchUp Outliner command, except that here, the type of component (normal, phantom, composed, inseparable, purchased or unrecorded) assigned by means of BOMIZER commands is taken into account.

List of part includes all the parts used in the project. Parts are grouped by type (volumes, faces, lengths and units) and by material. The size of each part is provided. Usually this list is used in the preparatory stage of manufacture, when blanks of parts are cut.

List of parts with edge banding legend includes all edge banded parts grouped by edge banding material. In the line describing the part, you will find the dimensions and edge banding legend of the part described in a manner usual for the furniture processing industry. If one of the dimensions is underlined, this means edge banding of one edge; if it is double-underlined, this means that two edges are edge banded. The list is used in edge banding stations.

Summary Bill of Materials provides a list of materials specifying the quantity of each material, necessary to manufacture the processed model. Supply department works with this list. In addition, this list comes in handy when calculating the cost price of the project.

Bill of Materials generator is opened by clicking the button with the icon   .

The next section provides information on the Bill of Materials generator and ways of viewing information in it.