1.2 Adding Volume to the Part

Designing of parts begins with drawing a closed loop that forms the part on a plane. To draw the loop you can use any tools that are designed to create it.

The easiest option of drawing the tool is to use a pencil .

Another option is to use the Rectangle Tool  .

For precise drawing, x and y coordinates can be specified. These coordinates will be indicated in the parameter input box as follows “;”. Let’s assume that we are drawing a panel loop with measurements 300 mm x 500 mm. When the loop is closed, SketchUp will automatically create a flat face within the boundaries of the closed loop.

To add volume, use Push-Pull tool and pull out the resulting surface to the required height. You can pull out the surface at random or specify the exact height in the command input box.

More details about the design functionalities of SketchUp can be found on this website.

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