2.1 Assigning Material to Components

To assign the material, use command   that opens a dialog box used to assign materials. When opening the dialog box for the first time during a session, login dialog box appears. Here, you will have to enter Bomizer user login information.

Assigning Base Materials

Let’s add the first cabinet that we have designed and assign the required base materials, i.e. laminated boards, to its components.


The thickness of the part model does not limit the possibility to assign a board with a thickness greater or lesser than that of the part in the model, because the model of the part may not correspond to the board thickness. For example, the initial thickness of the selected board may be reduced due to mechanical processing, so the designer is responsible for deciding on the board thickness. Differences between the model thickness and thickness of the assigned material are easy to diagnose when the Bill of Materials is generated.

Filtering of materials allows you to quickly and easily find the necessary material. The search is performed by name, thickness of the material or any other given characteristic of the material. At the end, you can see how the material is found using the Pipette tool  . This method comes in very handy when transferring the material from one part to another.

Assigning Coatings

It is now possible to assign the selected edges to parts. To do this, we will use the same dialog box used to assign materials; however, to perform edge banding, we will select a different type of material (coating – edge).

If the part is difficult to access, you can use BOMIZER unhide/hide component commandto perform edge banding on all sides. The command allows hiding all components except for the selected one, or showing all of the components, if no specific component is selected. We will use this command for the edge banding of the shelf.

Changing Materials for a Group of Parts and Parts Made of the Same Material

BOMIZER allows changing the material of a group of parts. This functionality significantly facilitates the work of the user, when it is necessary to try various options of interior colors. There are two ways to change the color of several components at once:

1. Changing the material for all parts that include the same material.

The first method can be used when assigning the material, if Shift button is pressed. New material will be assigned to all parts that include the same material.

2. Grouping parts by the same material. Changing the color of the group of parts.

This method is used when it is believed that the same material can be assigned to all parts, when experimenting with colors, while saving the previous grouping in the system. For example, we have a group of façade and frame parts of a piece of furniture with different materials assigned to these parts. If we assign the material to at least one part by pressing and holding Alt button, while the parts are not grouped, BOMIZER will suggest grouping all parts by the assigned material. Later, you will be able to change the materials for individual parts or assign the same materials to façade and frame parts. When assigning the material using Shift button, the system will assign this material to parts that include the same material as the selected part. When assigning the material with Alt button, the material will be assigned to all parts included in the same group as the selected part.

The example shows the assigning of the material using Alt button. If the parts were not grouped, BOMIZER plug-in will display a message.


The message means that, so far, the parts of the model have not been grouped by the same material and you have to confirm (if you wish) such grouping. When the grouping is confirmed, the appropriate groups of parts are created. Now you can assign the selected materials to the parts. If you assign the material using Alt button, it will be assigned according to the latest grouping of the parts. If you wish to re-group the parts, remove the previous grouping after assigning different materials to the parts. To do this, simply go to Plugins ->Bomizer and select option “Ungroup material items by material”.


Now, when you assign the material and hold Alt button pressed, the system will once again suggest grouping all parts by the currently assigned materials.