1.3 Creating Components

Any set of geometry elements can be viewed as SketchUp component. This includes faces or other components interconnected in a group. Each component is given a name, which usually corresponds to the name of the part or entire item. For example, “Free Standing Cabinet”, “Drawer”, “Left Side”, etc. In this case, it will be a volume of the part that was designed during a previous class. We will transform it into a SketchUp component and Bomizer plug-in will treat it as a part.

Individual faces are connected into a single component as follows:

1. Select the designed geometry. Geometry highlighted in blue colour marks the selection. Various methods can be used to select the geometry:

a. Using a window.

b. Or by placing the cursor on the object face (or edge) and double-clicking the left mouse button. This way, all faces with touching edges will be included in the set.

2. When the set is completed and you click the right mouse button (or “G” key), CreateComponent command window is opened. Name the component in this window and confirm the component. Now you have your first component.