1.5 Moving and Rotating the Part

To move or rotate the part, use the Move and Rotate  tool. If you want to move one component, simply open the move command window, specify the component, select the base point and move the component to the desired point or move the component to the desired distance.

To move more than one component, the necessary components have to be selected. This is done by holding down the Shift key and selecting the parts with cursor or by including them in the bounding box.

Rotation  works the same way as moving. In other words, select the plane where the rotation takes place, then select the base point and rotate the object.

If Ctrl key is pressed when moving or rotating the object, then a copy of the component is made.

“Move” command has additional feature that dramatically speeds up the making of the model, because it allows rotating the component without any need to close the command. To do this, select a point that appears on the face of the selected component; when the rotation handle appears, the component can be rotated to the specified angle. When rotation is completed, you can continue moving the component without closing the command.

These instructions are not aimed at teaching you to use SketchUp, thus we recommend using the information provided online, where you can find thorough instructions on modeling in the SketchUp environment.

Please watch video lessons first.