What is Bomizer?

Bomizer plug-in extends SketchUp program by adding functionalities necessary to design furniture. It allows assigning furniture materials and fabrics to the designed components, and to manipulate pattern directions, overlaps, etc. The plug-in automatically generates reports necessary to start the manufacturing process of the designed piece of furniture.

List of components of the project

List of blanks of parts

List of parts with edge banding legend

Summary Bill of Materials

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Import of AutoCAD and Other File Formats

Paid version of SketchUp Pro allows importing AutoCAD projects and using them to redesign 3D interior models. The system can also import AutoCAD 3D building models and models of other objects.

Online Libraries of Components

SketchUp (paid/free version) allows you to compile your own furniture libraries and store them in 3D data warehouse. This feature significantly facilitates the work and database maintenance for companies whose sales and design departments operate in different geographical locations. This 3D data warehouse offers a variety of 3D accessories and models necessary to “liven up” the interior.

Dynamic Components

Paid version of SketchUp Pro allows compiling a database of smart furniture models. Such models are referred to as dynamic components. When designing these components, you can define furniture parameters that can be modified. For example, you can create a cupboard model with adjustable number of drawers, shelves, etc. Dynamic components can be used in both paid and free version of SketchUp.

Accurate Positioning of Objects in the Design Stage

Having switched from normal to transparent display mode, you can specify any point of a piece of furniture and couple it with any point of the interior or other piece of furniture. During the rearrangement procedure, it is easy to switch to the object rotation mode, and then switch back to the rearrangement mode.

Convenient Furniture and Element Design in a Context

SketchUp makes it easy to design both individual pieces of furniture and the same pieces of furniture or individual elements in the previously designed interior. The important thing is that in the design stage, it is easy to switch from a design environment in the general context to a design environment of an individual element or combination of elements. This allows designing interiors completed with standard furniture as well as meet the needs of designing nonstandard furniture.

Assigning Furniture Materials and Fabrics to Components

Bomizer plug-in forSketchUp program allows assigning materials used in the manufacture of furniture to various components. Thus, the component can be transformed into a laminated board, profile or a part made of solid wood. Moreover, parts can be edge banded, veneered or painted. All this information is automatically included in the Bill of Materials generated by Bomizer plug-in, necessary to start the manufacturing process of the item.

Changing Pattern Direction and Blank Allowances

When recording data of the part in the Bill of Materials, it is very important to take into account material pattern direction and additional allowances of the blank necessary for mechanical processing. Bomizer plug-in allows doing this in an intuitive and easily understandable manner.

Simultaneous Material Changes

Bomizer plug-in makes it easy to replace one type of material with another. Changes can be applied to all parts made of the same material by clicking a few buttons. This fast option of replacing the materials comes in very handy when demonstrating the project to customers. Also, SketchUp project can be presented to the customer using different rendering styles. This makes the offer more attractive. There are many low-cost and free programs online designed to generate photorealistic images of interior designs.

Drawing Layout

Paid version of SketchUp Pro has a Drawing Layout function. It allows embedding into the drawing 3D interior images designed using different styles. In addition, you will be able to generate a wide range of projections and measurements of pieces of furniture. Such drawings come in handy when preparing the documents for the offer and forwarding the materials for manufacture.

Automatic Generation of Bills of Materials

Bomizer plug-in is basically a Bill of Materials generator that automatically generates a wide range of reports necessary to start the manufacturing process in accordance with the designed interior model. First, it is a summary of materials specifying the face area of the boards, amount of edge banding, etc. necessary for the manufacturing process. Second, it gives a list of cut parts, where dimensions of the parts are given minus the edge thickness. Third, it provides a list of parts with edge banding legend and other reports. All of this is presented in a MS Excel file. This data can be easily used in further business and manufacturing stages or can be forwarded to a board cutting company.

Automatic Data Export to Optimal Board Cutting Programs

Bomizer plug-in can automatically generate data and export it to optimal cutting programs Cutting 3 and CutRite.